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Cindy Van Vaerenbergh, M.Sc., R.N. Managing Director

Property Credentials

  •  Align your investment strategy to your personal circumstances and intentions for the future. How to analyse, evaluate and assess leads
  •  Identify your investment area and your first deal via a number of acquisition strategies (Estate Agents, repossessions, Lease Options, referrals, distressed owners…)
  •  How to run a refurb project and choose your power team
  •  Enhancement of existing housing stock
  •  Attraction of new investment funds via a menu of Financial strategies (BTL and commercial mortgage, JV, Bridging, Friends and Family, Private investors…)
  •  Development opportunities and conversions
  •  Manage your own lettings and investment portfolio
  •  Future proof your portfolio
  •  Buy to Let (BTL) portfolio established
  •  Successfully completed Buy to sell (BTS) projects
  •  Distressed property acquisition and conversion
  •  House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and multi-lets
  •  Repossessed properties
  •  Lease options
  •  Change of use (commercial to residential)
  •  Planning permission and demolishment
  •  Development of five 2-bedroom flats
  •  Successful property sales in the height of the recession, even before the first brick was laid
  •  Own case studies
  •  Tigrent 3-day course
  •  Tigrent Advanced University
  •  Tigrent Mentorship
  •  Tigrent Advanced courses for Lease Options, Distressed Properties, Creative Finance
  •  Accredited Landlord for Halton Borough Council

HealthA milestone project that Cindy facilitated successfully during her time at PwC, was a diagnostic review of a major academic teaching hospital following a significant challenge by the regulators which was of keen interest to (inter)national media. She facilitated a number of workstreams resulting in a shared report across the NHS and beyond and referred to as best practice.

PropertyEstablished in 2011, our company has grown from its initial NHS Management Consultancy offering, to now Property Mentoring and Executive & Life Coaching.
We contract under UK law but are operational world wide. We are not yet VAT registered and will always offer our clients best value for money.

CoachingWith a Diploma of Life and Executive Coaching at the Centre of Professional and Personal Development Dublin.
Whether you are a house wife that wants to get back in business or a corporate woman requiring more careful work/life balance, you are at the right address!

CinergyWith the strong professionalism of a multinational back ground (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and the heart of a local provider, she is bringing you a high quality service that is hard to beat. With a reliance on referrals and recommendations for the business, she goes for total customer satisfaction every time again!

“Cindy gets the best out of people, has a positive energy and an uplifting personality that is infectious to her international client base.”

- Mary Curran, Director of Centre for Professional and Personal Development