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Cindy Van Vaerenbergh, M.Sc., R.N. Managing Director

Improvement Consulting for the Health Industry

“We don’t ‘intend’ or ‘aim to’, but deliver Our USPs:”

  •  A reputation to deliver instead of ‘aim to’, or ‘hope to’
  •  A significant clinical background in Nursing and extended Emergency Care
  •  A laser sharp skill to EFFECTIVELY translate the vision, mission and strategy to front line clinical staff in order to make any change more meaningful for all staff involved and improve its sustainability
  •  International healthcare experience across Belgium, Caribean, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and UK
  •  Fluency in 5 languages
  •  Experience across clinical front line work, middle management, strategic and Big4 advisory work
  •  A single point of contact to reduce your administrative burden when dealing with our firm


  •  IT-enabled Business Change and Service Transformation (deployments and upgrades)
  •  Clinical engagement
  •  Post go-live optimisation
  •  Project management
  •  Change management
  •  Stakeholder management
  •  Healthcare performance Improvement
  •  Process improvement (Lean, Six Sigma…)
  •  Quality Improvement
  •  Evidence-based approach to quality assurance and clinical excellence
  •  Bespoke improvement consulting for your team or department
  •  Benefits realisation management
  •  Work force planning and effectiveness
  •  Advisory to NHS Boards
  •  Bid support (from £ 10k to £ 20m)

Supportive Services Offering:

  •  Driving Benefits realisation and optimisation of existing initiative Programme and Project Management
  •  Cost reduction
  •  Risk management and mitigation
  •  Executive coaching & Staff motivation
  •  Facilitation and workshop management
  •  Effective Negotiation
  •  Client relationship building and Joint Venture initiation
  •  Systems thinking and rich picture facilitation
  •  International Clinical Expertise and Healthcare Benchmarking (Belgium, Caribbean, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and UK)
  •  Thought leadership publications on Change Management in Healthcare and Emergency Services Operational Effectiveness

Proven Track Record

Ascribe Management Consulting

  •  Support the HR department of a regional Ambulance Trust in its objective to centralise its operations with an HR hub and fit for purpose IT and telephony infrastructure. Key activities included rich picture (systems thinking) facilitation of its current regional operations, Business case development, Feasibility study and requirements analysis (ie organisational dashboard performance measures).
  •  Symphony (ED Solution) implementation and optimisation. Key role is to ensure the IT solutions supports the achievement of CQUIN targets, such as reduced attendances and improved clinical outcomes & performance in particular.
  •   Develop Patient centred benefits realisation capability across all IT solutions, in particular HAP as a core foundation for centralised data sharing. The critical success factor in this assignment is collaboration with other parts of the business to ensure alignment of strategic corporate priorities.

PricewaterhouseCoopers – Senior Healthcare Consultant and Partner Manager

  •  A milestone project that Cindy facilitated successfully during her time at PwC, was a diagnostic review of a major academic teaching hospital following a significant challenge by the regulators which was of keen interest to (inter)national media. She facilitated a number of workstreams resulting in a report now being shared across the NHS and beyond and referred to as best practice.
  •  A local market analysis for the planned care market and modelling of the patient flow within its local health economy, following the opening of a new tertiary care centre. Unfortunately, we only got involved after its build which provided additional challenge to redirect patient flows
  •  Patient Experience project in Liverpool based hospital. We ensured that the elective care centre now provide both, patient and visitors with an excellent service experience and that staff have the confidence and capabilities to provide that experience, in support of the overall INSPIRE programme. The timing of this exercise was during the planning stage of a new Elective Care Centre development which allowed findings to be included in the floor plans. Key stakeholders invited in this initiative were Governors to the Trust, community representatives, primary care clinicians and a cross-section of Trust staff.
  •  Cindy has led the nurse rostering account for over two years and managed the Allocate alliance on behalf of PwC. She has built a team and subsequently won major contracts both, nationally and internationally where she implemented the Nurse Rostering software as a tool for effective workforce planning through a combination of data analysis and effective senior management, middle management and frontline staff engagement. Apart from substantial savings, she equally focused on having ‘right staff in the right place at the right time’, on improved safety levels of care provided, and improved workforce retention, amongst others. Her clinical engagement skills proved critical to get the programme adopted successfully.
  •  Design and recommendations for an Integrated Care Organisation (ICO) Business Case. The key opportunities for the Trust and PwC were a newly commissioned organisation, improving health outcomes, effective partnership and integration, transformational and clinical change, partner centred and leading edge resulting in a positive and sustainable future . The key considerations were: clinical governance and accountability, consultation obligations, conflicts of interest, risk & incentive alignment, provider autonomy & sustainability, corporate finance implications and a form driven by operational requirements. We delivered this engagement with a co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary team by selecting strategic partners.

NHS Connecting for Health – Business Change Consultant

  •  Mouchel (previously Hedra) as a member of the CSC Alliance provided new IT systems, business change, and training for three of the five regional clusters within England. Mouchel’s role was to help the NHS deliver the benefits through IT-enabled business change and service transformation.
  •  Cindy has helped several primary, secondary and tertiary care settings and Ambulance Trusts to improve their clinical and administrative business processes. The target benefits included improved value for money, achievement of government targets, and better risk management. Cindy’s role involved running organisation-wide and departmental process mapping workshops with senior and operational stakeholders to define, implement and optimise improved ways of working. Cindy’s clinical process knowledge has allowed the Trust to accelerate the project and generate quick wins to build momentum in support for the larger transformational changes. As a result of her engagement, she developed a skilled, self-sustaining NHS change team though individual coaching and effective workshop facilitation in each of her clients. That crucial skill transfer ensured that the Trust retained a structured and repeatable way of transforming their services and those teams are still operational, now several years later and are teaching process mapping within the organisation to new joiners.
  •  To ensure incremental benefits were delivered, Cindy worked with local SHAs to ensure optimisation and benefits realisation of legacy systems and ensure its integration with the newly deployed solutions across their Health Economy.

Products included

  •  SystmOne (GP, Community, Hospice, Prison Health)
  •  iPM (Primary Care and Secondary Care)
  •  iCM (Acute Trusts)
  •  Ormis (Theatre)
  •  Evolution (Maternity)
  •  Choose and Book (Outpatients)
  •  ECS (Ambulance)

Adelaide and Meath University Hospital Dublin – Process Improvement Consultant

Working as an external consultant, Cindy improved throughput for the Emergency Department of a major Dublin Academic teaching hospital through the application of Lean techniques. Starting with the high-level value stream, she worked closely with all key stakeholders from front-line staff to the CEO to identify, assess and realise the benefits of Lean thinking for the Emergency Department. She identified and removed ‘waste’ (time, materials and movement) and supported the implementation of workarounds. As a result, patients now flow smoothly through the entire emergency care process and waiting times are greatly reduced. The hospital is now better able to demonstrate to commissioners that their provider arm is implementing real service improvements and is becoming more customer-focused as an organisation.

Dr Horacio E Oduber Hospital, Aruba (Caribbean) – A&E department manager

While managing this major A&E department, Cindy identified and initiated significant departmental transformation. Cindy implemented a Manchester Triage system to increase the value-add time and reduce waste for the patient and increase clinical effectiveness. In addition, she introduced the acquisition of local GP services to deal with non-emergency attendances.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment of service performance, a programme of ongoing frontline staff involvement led to process bottlenecks being identified and removed effectively. This project delivered a core team of skilled individuals within a sustainable transformed service, as well as significant reductions in patient waiting times, delays and clinical risk, but most importantly, an improvement of clinical outcomes.

Acute Trusts – Bed Management and Nursing Manager

Using Lean techniques, Cindy assessed the patient journey throughout the hospital from a bed management perspective. To streamline the process and support a better patient flow, she launched the ‘discharge lounge’ initiative, reducing both waiting times and delays at the front-end. She based her work on removing non-value added activities such as unnecessary waiting, batching, transportation, non-value added processing, excess motion and underutilised staff.

Clinical experience

  •   Clinical Nurse Manager Bed Management – (Acting) (March 2006-September 2006) St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, IRELAND
    Allocation of in-patient beds in a 500-bedded hospital. Dealing with competing demands for emergency, elective, outpatients and interhospital transfers. Developing database for hospital-wide overview of the bed capacity. Launching initiative for identifying opportunities to improve bed-turnover.
  •   Clinical Nurse Manager Out of Hours- (Acting CNM3) (January 2006-February 2006) St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, IRELAND
    Providing hospital-wide management for the entire nursing division daily from 3pm-10pm and during weekends. This role included bed management, staff allocation, dealing with infection control issues and responsibility for the pharmacy and the mortuary. A unique role in external relations such as transfers of critical patients to other hospitals and dealing with media enquiries complemented the role.
  •   Nursing Practice Development (Staff Associate/ CNM2) (April 2004-December 2005) St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, IRELAND
    Facilitating Change in Practice. Development and implementation of Policies and Procedures hospital-wide, lead on multidisciplinary evidence-based policies for critical care areas, Plan and deliver tailored programs of training, information and education that achieve continuous improvement in care to patients such as Audit of Nursing Care Plans (incorporating legal aspects) and developing database for same, Organisation of Care Conferences, developing assessment tools. This role was complemented by A&E staff nurse position to stay up to speed with clinical skills.
  •   Clinical Nurse Manager Intensive Care Unit (CNM2) (February 2003-March 2004) Santa-Maria Hospital, Visp, SWITZERLAND
    Management of the more complicated cases, such as ventilated patients after recent surgery or based on internal pathology. This while taking charge of the ward and other staff members at the same time. Lead on work group for orientation programs.
  •   Team leader, Emergency Care Unit (CNM1) (January 2002-January 2003) Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, Aruba, DUTCH CARIBBEAN
    While working at Dr. HOH-Hospital my responsibilities included supervision of daily operation in a multicultural environment, on the job training and quality improvement projects i.e. introducing and set up of procedures etc. of triage service to the ER, special role in International recruitment, conflict management/resolving and department transformation
  •   Staff Nurse Emergency Department (October 2001- December 2001) Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, Aruba, DUTCH CARIBBEAN
  •   Staff Nurse Emergency Department (July 1999-September 2001) University Hospital Ghent, BELGIUM Emphasis on internal and external top-emergency Care (trauma team), disaster management and regular updating (at least once every two weeks). Life Support (BLS) instructor internally and externally.
  •   Staff Nurse at the Neurosurgery High Care Unit (July 1997-June 1999) University Hospital Ghent, BELGIUM
    Beginning Staff Nurse. Monitoring 2 or 3 patients and providing holistic care for patients first days post neurosurgery.

A Mixed Method Study on Operational Efficiency Within an Acute Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, Identifying Factors that Influence the Patient Flow through Staff Involvement. (Health Services Management Research Journal, October 2009).

Using mixed methods to identify factors influencing patient flow

A systematic Literature Review on Managing Change in Healthcare. (2006) co-authored with the Director of the Department of Health Policy and Management of Trinity College Dublin, Eilish McAuliffe, PhD.

Guiding change in the Irish health system

"From University Hospital to Tropical Aruba, from Swiss Topcare to… An Enriching Journey!" Published in Newsletter University Hospital Ghent (2004)".

"An adventure abroad. From Caribbean Papiamento to Swiss hospitality", published for Scholten Medical Recruitment in Dutch Health Care Management Magazines and later translated in Dutch and German (2003)

  •  Master’s Degree in Health Services Management (Trinity College Dublin Ireland) - Honours
  •  iPM (Primary Care and Secondary Care)
  •  Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching (Centre for Professional and Personal Development, Dublin) - Graduated with Honours
  •  Advanced Degrees in Intensive and Emergency Care Nursing (Aalst Belgium) – Both Graduated Simultaneously with Honours
  •  Formal Ambulance Care Registration Urgent Medical Help awarded By Ministry of Health (1999), Belgium (Badge Number 19741)
  •  Nursing Degree (Ghent Belgium)

HealthA milestone project that Cindy facilitated successfully during her time at PwC, was a diagnostic review of a major academic teaching hospital following a significant challenge by the regulators which was of keen interest to (inter)national media. She facilitated a number of workstreams resulting in a shared report across the NHS and beyond and referred to as best practice.

PropertyEstablished in 2011, our company has grown from its initial NHS Management Consultancy offering, to now Property Mentoring and Executive & Life Coaching.
We contract under UK law but are operational world wide. We are not yet VAT registered and will always offer our clients best value for money.

CoachingWith a Diploma of Life and Executive Coaching at the Centre of Professional and Personal Development Dublin.
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“Cindy gets the best out of people, has a positive energy and an uplifting personality that is infectious to her international client base.”

- Mary Curran, Director of Centre for Professional and Personal Development